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Thought Trump Was Done Wasting Taxpayer Money To Golf? Nope. Here’s Where He’s At This Weekend

Donald Trump was one of the biggest critics of former President Barrack Obama. Every time Obama would go golfing, which wasn’t nearly as much as Trump is in track to doing, Trump would be the first one to point it out.

Trump even said throughout his presidency that he would not have time to golf, that there are far more important things to take care of. Well, Trump hasn’t taken care of much. In fact, he’s done more golfing than doing anything to “make America great again.”

According to the White House, Trump traveled to his Virginia golf club on Saturday. But, White House officials refused to say that Trump was there to golf.

Trump’s motorcade was spotted leaving the White House Saturday morning. According to pool reports, the motorcade was lead by a group of people wearing golf attire. Photos surfaced on Twitter showing that Trump had arrived at his Virginia golf club.

According to an NBC News tracker, this marks Trump’s 30th time visiting one of his golf courses since taking office in January. This also marks Trump’s second time visiting his Virginia golf club in the past two weeks.

Trump also made a visit to his New Jersey golf club this week, where a video of Trump driving his golf cart over the green.

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