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‘Tick Tock’ – O’Reilly Accuser Drops Bombshell: Fox News Executives About To Be Exposed

In a blistering open letter posted on Facebook this morning, one of Bill O’Reilly‘s sexual harassment accusers slammed Fox News and accused multiple higher-ups at the conservative network of engaging in sexual harassment and of covering-up such behavior–and, she warns, they’re soon to be exposed.

The letter begins ominously:

“Tick tock, tick tock. Executives who not only covered up for sexual harassers/predators (and believe me, I don’t use this word lightly) but WHERE THEMSELVES are about to be exposed.”

Huddy later accuses Rupert Murdoch of being one such figure–though not a harasser himself. She writes:

“Rupert Murdoch is not just a media mogul. He’s a perpetrator, complicit in wrecking careers of hardworking, talented people while protecting their tormentors.”

Huddy’s letter also takes aim at the perceived lack of positive reverberations in the wake of the #metoo watershed. That is, Huddy addresses, at length, how the women who have made the accusations are only seeing half of the justice quotient because while their accused are being punished, many accusers still have to deal with wrecked careers. Huddy notes:

“The women who have already come forward aren’t money-hungry, attention-starved liars or drama queens. And we certainly aren’t part of some left wing conspiracy. Most of us — not some, but MOST — can’t get a job in TV because we’re viewed as radioactive. Hire Juliet Huddy? You risk alienating a chunk of your audience that sees her as trying to dismantle Fox News. Or sees her as an unhinged, thrice-divorced man-hater who ruined their evening programming by helping to get Bill O’Reilly fired. It’s the same story for virtually every woman who left Fox and other companies under these circumstances. WE have seen our careers torched, yet WE are not the problem.”

She calls out various, unnamed Fox News top executives for their sexual harassment and complicity as well. She writes, “There are still men AND women working at Fox News who actively engaged in sexual harassment and/or subsequent coverup. And they occupy some of, if not THE, highest positions. I know other women were targeted by these people (several of whom are part of my own experience).”

This afternoon, Huddy deleted her original Facebook and Twitter posts citing privacy concerns. Luckily, we were able to grab a screenshot before it was deleted. You can read the story below:

Political Dig reached out to Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and his representatives for comment on this story, but no response was forthcoming at the time of publication.

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