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Watch: MSNBC Guest Completely Bashes ‘Wealthy Ignorant People At Mar-A-Lago’ For Falling For Trump’s Lies

On Sunday, speaking with “AM Joy” host Joy Reid, “The Beat DC” host Tiffany Cross did not hold back when going after “wealthy ignorant people” who support Donald Trump blindly by listening to every lie Fox News has to say.

“It makes my head explode when I see these clips from Fox News,” Cross began. “It is so dangerous, what they are doing and what they are saying. For the people tuning into you right now, these are intelligent people. The people that are watching Fox News — this is their gospel, this is what they look at and what they consider a reputable outlet.”

“It is a scary thing when you look at what’s being happened and what [Trump] has said,” she added. “The president has all but threatened the American people with his tweets saying he has bikers and the people guns on his side — and you have Fox News as being an echo chamber for this.”

“It is frustrating when I hear this echo chamber of ignorance coming from Fox News being celebrated by wealthy ignorant people at Mar-a-Lago,” she charged. “We need to bring back some intellect to the discourse.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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