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General Barry McCaffrey: ‘War Is SCHEDULED’ With North Korea’

Appearing on MSNBC last night, U.S. General Barry McCaffrey —known for his measured comments— blasted President Donald Trump over his reckless rhetoric towards North Korea and Iran. He then shocked news anchor Brian Willians when he revealed that war with North Korea “is scheduled.”

The retired general claimed that the US would be at war with the communist regime “by next summer.”

McCaffrey’s comments come as fears mount that the US and North Korea are headed towards an imminent war.

President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have continued to escalate their threatening rhetoric against each other, amid the deepening crisis on the Korean peninsula.

The former US Army general dismissed the possibility of bringing North Korea back to the negotiating table, which he blamed on the US President Donald Trump.

He said: “The problem is we’ve got so many crises going on now, potentially, that he’s overloading the diplomatic effort, as well as the US armed forces’ ability to deal with it.

“I don’t want us to take our eye off North Korea.

“The current language out of the administration, that lack of a diplomatic and serious engagement strategy, in my view, has us sliding toward war by next summer.

“This war is on schedule under this administration.”

MSNBC news anchor Brian Williams noted that General McCaffrey does not have a reputation for inflammatory rhetoric, which makes his warning even more chilling.

Mr Williams said: “I’ve known the general for many years. I know him as a level-headed man not given to hyperbole.”

Watch the interview in the video below:

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