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Tillerson Just Threw Trump Under The Bus During Farewell Address – Watch:

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was reportedly fired on Tuesday by Donald Trump’s tweet, decided to share a few words about Russia in his farewell speech that could put the president in legal trouble.

Tillerson blasted Russia for their “troubling behavior” as he criticized their alleged attack on a former spy in England.

“Much work remains to respond to the troubling behavior and actions of the Russian government,” he said. “Russia must assess carefully about how its actions are in the best interests of its people and the world more broadly. Continuing on this path will result in greater isolation on their part, which is not in anyone’s interest.”

Trump’s White House, on the other hand, continue to dismiss anything Russia related. Trump seems to believe that by ignoring Russia altogether his troubles will go away, but in fact, he’s just digging himself into a bigger hole.

Watch the video clip below:

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