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The Internet Throws Orrin Hatch In Hot Lava For Attacking Kavanaugh’s Accuser

As Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted rape scandal continues to get uglier, a number of Republican Senators are starting to distance themselves from the embattled Supreme Court nominee. However, Orrin Hatch is not one of them. The Utah Senator continued to support Kavanaugh today, and the rationales he’s now floating are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

During Monday’s debate about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) tried to gaslight the accuser live on national television.

“Hatch told me Kavanaugh is ‘honest’ and ‘straightforward’ and said after talking to Kavanaugh the woman might be ‘mixed up,’” tweeted NBC Hill reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell.

During a CNN interview, Hatch said “she’s mixed up” and “she’s mistaken.” He didn’t go so far as to use the words “legitimate rape” but he wasn’t far off.

But it was what Hatch said next that’s set off alarms across the board.

According to Laura Litvan of Bloomberg, Orrin Hatch said this about Ford’s accusation that Kavanaugh tried to rape her: “If that were true, I think it would be hard for senators not to consider who he is today.” Hatch is literally saying that it’s okay to put an attempted rapist on the Supreme Court because he’s supposedly a better person now than when he tried to rape the woman.

This is the kind of argument you generally hear about whether a rapist should be allowed out of prison on parole, not about whether a rapist should be allowed on the Supreme Court.

The internet quickly let him have it. See the best below:

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