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Here Are Some Tips For Sean Spicer In Case Someone Shakes Their Head At Him… Again

sean spicer

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come under fire after engaging in a tense exchange with reporter April Ryan Tuesday during a back-and-forth about the Trump administration’s image, telling her to “stop shaking your head again.”

Spicer’s remark provoked a backlash from figures including Hillary Clinton, but it also indicates that Spicer could learn more about how to get people to stop shaking their heads. Luckily, has provided a few tip for Spicer in case people disapproving body language makes him uncomfortable:

1. Answer their questions
Sean Spicer

This is a tried-and-true way to stop that frustrating head-shaking that gets on your nerves. If you answer someone’s question, then they will feel foolish if they keep moving their head from side to side, as if you were continuing to evade their inquiries, which you obviously aren’t.

2. Crouch behind a podium so that you can’t see people shaking their heads at you
Sean Spicer

If you can’t see something, then chances are that it probably doesn’t exist. If you don’t see someone sitting with a disapproving facial expression, then they probably don’t disapprove of whatever it is that you’re doing. Similarly, I never open any mail from my bank, and therefore I have no debt.

3. End every answer with the phrase “please help me”
Sean Spicer

If you finish every statement with a cry for aid, then people who would normally shake their heads at you, like journalists, fact-checkers, and disapproving parents, will instead feel sympathy for you. In general, it is much better to be pitied than disagreed with, especially if you can cry on command.

4. Provide tasty treats to the White House Press Corps
Sean Spicer

Imagine all of the difficult questions that can be avoided in a press briefing if halfway through the event, an ice cream truck pulls up and you reach into your pockets and say “Hey, what a coincidence! I have all this extra change in my pockets! How about you guys go buy yourself a Chipwich or one of those Spongebob popsicles?”

5. Giving all of your answers as you clap your fingers.
I assume that’s what’s happening in this photo.

Images credit: White House.

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