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The NRA Just Laid Off More Than 60 Employees Amid Financial Drought

Facing acute financial challenges during the economic crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the National Rifle Association has laid off more than 60 employees in recent weeks, Politico reports, citing three people with knowledge of the matter.

The gun activist group recently took a large financial hit when the pandemic forced the NRA to cancel its massive annual meeting. The group often makes millions of dollars off the event, from the fees people pay to attend to the funds raised from the convention. Its cancellation appears to have wiped out that revenue.

But the group’s financial challenges existed before the lethal pandemic upended the U.S. economy.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre told its board of directors last month that layoffs were coming and that it would cut remaining employees’ salaries, according to multiple reports.

LaPierre, however, made more than $2 million in salary in 2019, according to NPR.

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