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‘Toddler-In-Chief’: Trump Gets Trolled After GOP Sen Suggests Someone Must ‘Keep Watch’ Of Him At All Times


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) took to Twitter on Thursday where he seemed to suggest that Donald Trump needs to be watched at all times, almost as if he were a toddler.

In the tweet, Grassley pleaded to have someone in the White House make Trump read a column by the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger, presumable to influence the president’s trade policy.

“Whoever keeps watch on [President Trump] at [the White House] have the economist there especially Navarro read WSJ oped by Henninger,” Grassley wrote. “This is what I’ve been preaching to the President for two years. President would benefit from reading it.”

Some people were quick to notice Grassley referring to Trump as if he were a toddler.

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