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Tomi Lahren Just Got Destroyed After Blaming The Recent Mass Shootings On ‘Over-Medication’ And ‘Absentee Parents’


Fox News host Tomi Lahren tried to spread the usual white nationalist agenda over the weekend and blamed the horrific mass shootings on “over-medication” and “absentee parents.”

Lahren took to Twitter over the weekend two horrific shootings, one in Texas and one in Ohio, killed nearly 30 people.

“It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s not the NRA’s fault,” Lahren wrote in a Sunday tweet.

“When will our nation wake up and realize we have a youth mental health crisis likely caused by over-medication, absentee parents, and a culture that glorifies infamy and notoriety above God, family and community?” Lahren asked.

Lahren’s tweet was quickly hit with criticism. Here’s how Twitter users destroyed Lahren’s white nationalist speaking points:

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