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Top Bush Ethics Lawyer Says Trump’s New Order Is A ‘Very Serious Conflict Of Interest’


Top Bush Ethics Lawyer Says Trump’s New Order Is A ‘Very Serious Conflict Of Interest’

Donald Trump’s newly revised executive order bans six Muslim-Majority nations instead of seven. And although it has a few differences it still bans countries in which the Trump organization does not do business in.

This is a huge concern, and as George W. Bush’s top ethics lawyer Richard Painter said, this is a “very serious conflict of interest.”

Painter was interviewed by Business Insider this week where he spoke about the concerns of Trump’s revised order and how it’s still a red flag for conflicts of interest.

Painter states that “this is a very serious problem that the six countries to which the travel ban applies are all countries that are quite poor and do not have financial dealings with the Trump Organization. This is a very serious conflict of interest and where it’s gonna come up is when the travel ban is challenged in court as lacking a reasonable basis.”

Trump’s first attempt at banning seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US was halted by the courts and so he revised the order.

Many want to challenge the order in court and according to Painter, they will have a “very good argument.”

“Lawyers for plaintiffs who want to challenge the travel ban are going to argue, and I think have a very good argument, that this was an arbitrary order, that it does not have any link to the national interest, because first, the countries where a lot of terrorists have come from are not on the list, and the countries on the list have sent few, if any, people to the United States who have committed acts of terror, and furthermore, the countries that are doing business with the Trump Organization are not on the list and that’s not a legitimate basis on which to put a list together for countries that are going to be subject to a travel ban.”

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