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Top Dem Sends Trump Warning: Fire Sessions And It Will Be ‘The End Of This Short Presidency’

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent Donald Trump a warning, that if he fires attorney general Jeff Sessions it will be the end of his “short presidency.”

Feinstein made an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday where she spoke about Trump’s and Sessions’ feud. The Democratic Senator told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

“Jeff Sessions has done nothing to deserve termination, and I don’t always agree with him, that’s true, but I really disagree with using him as a political pawn if the President can transfer him to Homeland Security, but if the purpose is what many of us think it is, and that’s to stop the investigation of Bob Mueller and his team, that will not work, because I believe that will be something that none of us can condone and could very well be the end of this short presidency.”

Trump is slowly digging himself into a hole that he will not be able to climb out of.

The fact that he has a problem with Sessions’ recusal from any Russia-related investigations raises questions.

It’s simple, if Trump fires Sessions he will begin a constitutional crisis that would end in his impeachment.

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