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Top DHS Official: Large-Scale Immigration Raids On Businesses Are Coming


Top DHS Official: Large-Scale Immigration Raids On Businesses Are Coming

Last week, immigration enforcement officers stormed into nearly 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide in an unprecedented search for undocumented workers. But President Trump’s war on undocumented immigrants is just starting, according to DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen.

Appearing on”Fox News Sunday,” Nielsen said that more, large-scale raids on businesses that have hired illegal immigrants are coming, Axios reports.

“The message we’re trying to send is if you consistently and willfully ignore the laws Congress and the American people have passed, and you will be held accountable, she said.

“These are not accidental hirings of illegal immigrants. Some of these companies, unfortunately, have continually and systematically tried to get around the system,” she added.

The Trump administration’s malice toward immigrants isn’t only evident in harsh deportation and these enforcement policies. You can also see it in the White House’s acts of gratuitous pettiness.

Trump is not only declaring war on undocumented workers. He’s also cracking down on legal immigration by declaring it will subject H-1B visa workers to the same onerous scrutiny as when they first applied in a naked bid to raise the compliance costs for companies that hire H-1Bs. So much for regulatory relief!

Immigrants will pay a price for Trump’s wrong-headed views. And so will the rest of the country.

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