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Top Texas Republican Drops a Bomb: ‘I’m Voting For Hillary’


Top Texas Republican Drops a Bomb: ‘I’m Voting For Hillary’

A leading Hispanic Texas Republican who worked for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush just put the final nail in the GOP’s coffin by declaring he’s voting for Hillary Clinton. And that’s not all, he is doing everything in his power to defeat Donald Trump in order to send a strong message to the Republican Party.

“I want to make sure that I do everything I can to see that Trump doesn’t get elected,” Lionel Sosa told The Texas Tribune. “I’m doing this because I don’t think he’s a good representative of the Republican Party. It’s not the Republican Party I know.”

Sosa, who was named by Time one of the top 25 most influential Hispanics in America, helped power Bush and Reagan with Hispanic voters.

In June, however, Sosa wrote in a San Antonio Express-News op-ed that he would leave the Republican Party if Trump were their nominee.

“A thousand points of light has been replaced by a thousand points of anger. In place of compassionate conservatism, our nominee promotes callousness, extremism, and racism. And instead of a unifier, the party now cheers the ultimate “us against them” proponent. Divisiveness incarnate.”


Lionel Sosa | Imgur

In August, Libertarian Gary Johnson’s campaign hired Sosa as co-chair to boost Hispanic outreach, but Sosa decided that a vote for Johnson isn’t a strong enough statement against Trump. So he decided to back Clinton instead.

“Libertarians are all about individual freedom but they are against using government to protect that freedom, so the only people who are “free” are those who are already protected — that is, white men. The social equality that Democrats fight for on behalf of minorities is not a shared platform with Libertarians. Small government means the government isn’t going to protect minorities from discrimination or work to fix inequalities within our justice system,” Sosa wrote.

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