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Trump Supporter Holds Kids At Gunpoint Over Damaged Trump Sign


Trump Supporter Holds Kids At Gunpoint Over Damaged Trump Sign

A Michigan man was arrested for holding some neighborhood kids at gun point because he thought they vandalized his Donald Trump sign.

According to Fox 2, Police heard shouting nearby and found six children between 14 and 12 sitting on the grass as Kubek screamed and cursed at them while pointing his gun at them.

Michael Kubek, of Allen Park, told officers he was angry because he believed the children had damaged his Trump sign, although he admitted that he hadn’t seen them do it.

The kids told police they were headed to a nearby park when Kubek began swearing at them and then pulled out a pistol and ordered them to sit down on a neighbor’s lawn.

The children insisted they hadn’t damaged the sign, but they said Kubek only became angrier and held them at gunpoint while his mother, who lives on the same block, called police.

Kubek admitted to pointing his gun at the children to scare them, but he explained he was angry because his house had been egged and his Trump signs damaged a week earlier.

Kubek was arrested and charged with felonious assault, and he was released on $5,000 bond.

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