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Trump Adviser Asks Americans To Ignore Trump’s Tweets Because ‘They’re Not Serious’

Donald Trump tweets a lot, some might say he tweets excessively, but according to a couple of his advisers, it’s just social media and should not be taken seriously.

Trump’s deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, got in a heated argument with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday, stating that Trump’s tweets over the weekend about the London attack do not represent his policy.

“His tweets are the policy,” Cuomo argued. “They are statements from the president of the United States about what he wants. … It’s his words, his thoughts.”

“It’s not policy,” Gorka said. “It’s not an executive order. It’s social media.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also defended the president while accusing the media of having “an obsession” with covering his posts.”

“Well, but that’s his preferred method of communication with the American people,” said Craig Melvin, a “Today” show anchor. “He hasn’t given an interview in three weeks.”

It’s hard to shy away from the fact that Trump’s people contradict everything Trump does. There’s only so much they can say before they get caught up in their lies.

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