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Trump Adviser Who Talked To DNC Hacker Now Begging For Help With Legal Bills

Roger Stone, an informal adviser and close ally of President Donald Trump, has gone to the public to ask for help with the nearly half-a-million dollars in legal bills he has piled up for being a “person of interest” in the Russia investigation.

As reported by Business Insider: 

In the emailed statement, Stone called the special counsel Robert Mueller a “deep state vigilante” and “deep state executioner” who was “busy casting about for anything he can latch onto.”

Stone, whose contact with the Russia-linked hacker Guccifer 2.0 and the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before the election has come under scrutiny as part of the investigation, said it cost him $400,000 in legal fees to prepare for his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last month.”

Stone is a former partner of the now-indicted Paul Manafort and a longtime conspiracy theorist who has spent 25 years accusing Hillary Clinton and her husband of all sorts of perfidy. He was gleefully open during the campaign about his contacts with Guccifer and Assange and of his seemingly advance knowledge of the release of stolen DNC emails that painted Clinton’s campaign in a bad light.

Now, he is appalled and angry to find himself with a legal bill well into six figures over potentially illegal collusion with foreign government-linked entities that may have helped hand the election to Clinton’s opponent and has the gall to whine about an investigation into it.

The news follows complaints from other Trump cronies caught up in the many investigations of his campaign and administration about their own legal bills. And some of them are complaining that the Republican National Committee is covering Trump and his family’s own bills with money from wealthy GOP donors while letting the non-billionaires who worked for Trump twist in the wind:

“In my case, representing the campaign to speak to a group of over 50 foreign ambassadors during the RNC in Cleveland, combined with ensuring our campaign’s national security policies were reflected in the GOP platform the week prior, have led to nearly five-figure personal legal bills,” Gordon said. […]

Another early Trump campaign adviser, Michael Caputo, told reporters recently that he had to take $30,000 out of his children’s college fund to pay for lawyers who can charge as much as $1,000 an hour.

Trump has a long history of stiffing contractors who worked for him in his real estate developments. He proudly noted during the campaign how little money he was spending to run for president, which led to shortcuts and hiring inexperienced people — which is partly why some of those people are jammed up with huge legal bills now.

Well, Mr. Stone, if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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