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Trump Advisor Calls For Hillary Clinton’s Execution, Donald Trump Fine With It

Republican presidential nominee Donal Trump said he “supports” a close Advisors who recently said that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

Al Baldasaro, who is a Republican state representative in New Hampshire and advisor to the Trump campaign, raised eyebrows after calling for Clinton’s execution during a speech in New Hampshire in July.

Image: screenshot / Youtube

Image: screenshot / Youtube

However, despite being widely reported and prompting an investigation by the Secret Service, Donald Trump said he’s “fine” with Baldasaro as a close advisor, claiming he is unfamiliar with the remarks.

“I didn’t know that but I will tell you he’s a very fine person,” Trump told a New Hampshire TV station on Thursday. “I support him. He is a person that loves the military and loves the veterans.”

What? Trump didn’t know that? The reporter asked again if Trump condoned Baldasaro’s call for Clinton’s execution.

“I don’t know what he said,” Trump insisted. “You’d have to show me what he said.”

This is not the first time Trump claims he doesn’t know something that he clearly knows. Like when he said he didn’t know who David Duke is, or he didn’t know he’d mocked someone with a disability. Like when he himself suggested that maybe somebody could shoot Clinton if she becomes president.

“If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said at a rally earlier this month in North Carolina. “Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.”

Baldasaro continued his attack on Clinton with a statement on Twitter Friday morning criticizing the Democratic Presidential candidate for her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya, and for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

“The FBI didn’t hold her accountable. The Justice Department won’t prosecute her. Despite her crimes she will not be tried in a court of law,” Baldasaro wrote. “But she CAN be tried in the court of public opinion! Hillary Clinton is NOT above the law. Her actions were treasonous.”

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