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Trump Allies Are Getting Ready To Turn On Him

Donald Trump allies, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, have yet to comply with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump. But that’s all about to change.

In an Instagram post, Stone lashed out at Corsi, accusing him of working with Mueller to take him down.

“So Jerry Corsi was working with Mueller to sandbag me on a fabricated perjury charge,” Stone wrote. “Mueller’s minion even promised Corsi no jail time if he would lie and say he gave me John Podesta’s stolen e-mails (which he did NOT) Then they were going to say I passed them on to Trump (which I did NOT). Jerry was willing to LIE about me but not himself! Now Jerry is lying about legitimate research he did for me regarding the Podesta brothers lucrative business in Russia. Jerry Corsi is starting to make Michael Cohen look like a stand-up guy !”

This is bad news for Trump as both Corsi and Stone have kept quiet when it comes to cooperating with the special counsel. Corsi has — at least publicly — been one of Stone’s most steadfast and loyal allies in the past, but that all appears to be crumbling now.

Corsi has said in the past that he doesn’t regret helping get Trump elected, even if it meant he “might die in jail.” But the longtime Trump ally has pledged not to cooperate with Mueller.

Now, things seem to be taking a turn. It would not be altogether surprising if Corsi ultimately abandoned this bizarre strategy — when people have refused to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation, it has tended to not end well. But while there is no outward sign Corsi is ready to give up, Stone clearly seems to think he could blow up everything.

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