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Trump Allies Panicking As Signs Point To Imminent Mueller Bombshell


Trump Allies Panicking As Signs Point To Imminent Mueller Bombshell

The vicious attacks against the FBI by a growing number of House and Senate Republicans reveal a high degree of fear that special counsel Robert Mueller will make an earth-shattering move in the coming days and weeks that will define the fate of ongoing investigations of the Russian attack against America.

An unusually high number of revelations and disclosures in recent days, of upcoming meetings between Trump and Trump associates with Mueller and his special counsel team, have sent Republicans into a state of panic.

Additionally, the report that the special counsel and Trump’s attorneys are negotiating the terms of Mueller’s questioning of Trump suggests that some potentially decisive moves by Mueller are likely to happen in February and potentially could begin this month.

The prospect of Trump’s testimony under oath will be a precipitating event for either a climactic moment for the investigation or a true constitutional crisis if Trump refuses to agree to terms, and Mueller moves to subpoena Trump to testify before the grand jury.

The truth is, Trump will never voluntarily agree to testify under oath, no matter what he says. What he said to reporters on Wednesday, that he is willing to testify under oath, was totally meaningless because he also said his testimony is contingent upon the advice he receives from his lawyers. The odds are high that this testimony does not happen and all hell breaks loose legally and politically if and when Trump formally says no to Mueller.

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This is the reason behind the unprecedented, extreme, often irrational and in some cases ludicrous frenzied attacks against the FBI that are coming from a growing number of Republican members of the House and Senate and their right-wing allies in the media.

Most of these attacks against the FBI are so preposterous that they will not be itemized here, except to suggest that these attacks against the FBI are horrendously wrong and create huge political danger for Republicans.

These growing GOP attacks against the FBI are politically self-destructive and legally disastrous, because they suggest to reasonable people that they have no confidence that Trump and other Trump associates will be cleared by investigators.

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Finally, America has now entered a very dangerous zone. If Trump ultimately fires Mueller, grant preemptive pardons to those who have not yet been charged or grant pardons to those who have already been charged, those actions will be triggered by the imminent fact that Trump will refuse to testify.

This would set off a constitutional crisis and a huge political backlash against Trump and Republicans who defend him by attacking the nation’s top law enforcement agency. For that reason, Republicans are bracing for the storm that could soon engulf the Trump administration and their entire party.

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