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Trump Has Still Not Visited The Pentagon, Instead Calls Putin. Bette Midler’s Response Is Perfect

Twelve days have passed since Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the presidential election. Incredibly, he has still not visited the Pentagon or sent any members of his transition team to meet with our nation’s military leaders. What he has done, however, is phone Vladimir Putin, the dictator of the Russian Federation.

We don’t know what was said on the call, but we can speculate that Trump was most likely thanking Putin for helping tilt the election in his favor by hacking the Democratic National Committee and leaking the information to the now-disgraced government transparency activist group Wikileaks, and asking him advise on how to drop the sanctions that are preventing Putin and his oligarch buddies from laundering money out of Russia and into “investments” in the United States.

Or, they are probably discussing how Trump is going to look the other way when Russia commits war crimes in Syria.

This disturbing order of events was noted by legendary singer, songwriter, and actress Bette Midler, who had had the perfect response on Twitter.


This disrespect to our military leaders is just unacceptable

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