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Trump And Putin Just Agreed On Expanding Their Nuclear Capability


Trump And Putin Just Agreed On Expanding Their Nuclear Capability

The relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is truly terrifying. After a few words from the Russian dictator and a response from Donald Trump, it seems that the threat of a nuclear armageddon is actually possible.

Putin just held a press conference where he announced the need to develop and enhance Russia’s nuclear weapons.

“We need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems.”

American is the only country with a comparable nuclear arsenal and are the primary geopolitical rival of the Russian Federation.

Hours after Putin made his announcement, Donald Trump went on Twitter and responded. He basically said the same thing – that America needs to expand their nuclear weapons. America already has 4,500 nuclear weapons that have enough power to destroy the entire planet, and wanting to add to that just seems like a whole lot of trouble.

Donald Trump has mentioned before that he isn’t afraid to use nuclear power to fight against ISIS, saying that it shouldn’t be “off the table.”“If we have [nuclear weapons] why can’t we use them?” he wondered, not once but three times to national security expert.

Trump has already shown that he’s willing to provoke international incidents for no reason, and knowing that he has access to nuclear codes and is willing to use them is just horrifying.

Expanding our nuclear arsenal is just a bad idea and a great threat to the entire world. And besides putting the world in grave danger, it would be a waste of taxpayer money that we can’t afford. Since 1960 We have spent over $8.8 trillion on building and maintaining these weapons of mass destruction. That money could have been used to invest on public education and infrastructure.

This world is in so much danger with these two around.

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