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Trump At It Again… The President Just Attacked London Mayor Again With An Even Harsher Tweet


Trump At It Again… The President Just Attacked London Mayor Again With An Even Harsher Tweet

Donald Trump just doesn’t stop tweeting, and his tweets are getting out of hand. On Monday the President of the U.S. attacked London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, for ignoring his first tweet.

Trump first attacked Khan on Sunday following the London Bridge attack that left seven people dead and 48 wounded.

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’ ” Trump tweeted.

Khan said to the people of London not to be alarmed by the increased number of police in the city following the attack.

“Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days,” Khan said following the attacks. “There’s no reason to be alarmed. One of the things the police and all of us need to do is ensure that we’re as safe as we possibly can be.”

Khan’s spokesperson responded to Trump’s tweet, “He has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police — including armed officers — on the streets,” the spokesperson said.

Trump decided to give the London mayor some more criticism.

He tweeted, “Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!”

Trump has also been using the London attack to promote his travel ban to the courts, urging them to reinstate his temporary travel ban on six predominantly Muslim nations “as an extra layer of safety.”

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