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Surprised! WikiLeaks Trolls Trump Backers, Delivers Nothing On Hillary


Surprised! WikiLeaks Trolls Trump Backers, Delivers Nothing On Hillary

Donald Trump supporters were up super early on Tuesday, locked into a Wikileaks press conference that, according to Roger Stone and Alex Jones, would end the Clinton campaign. Well, Wikileaks announcement was an October surprise, indeed.

For weeks, backers of Republican nominee Donald Trump have hyped the tantalizing possibility that the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks was on the verge of publishing a set of documents that would doom Hillary Clinton’s chances in November.

But the surprise that would make everyone forget about Donald Trump’s billion-dollar losses, and not paying taxes, and a foundation that was shut down by the attorney general, and vets with PTSD being weak, and some girl who fell outside the Trump-approved weight limits, never materialized.

The Trump team realized the hard truth when Julian Assange unleashed his Great October Surprise: a celebration infomercial for the website, which celebrates its 10th anniversary today and is promoting a new book.

Julian Assange |  Youtube

Julian Assange | Youtube

There was no spectacular release of private emails. No bombshells about the Clinton Foundation or brain tumors. Instead, Assange and some of his WikiLeaks colleagues used the press conference to make a pitch for donations and to note the remarkable quantity of the site’s work—10 million documents published, containing more than 10 billion words, which the group claims is “more secret documents than the rest of the world’s media combined.”

With legions of Trump supporters and Clinton haters feeling deceived, both Roger Stone and Alex Jones claimed that Assange had never promised a big reveal.

Either WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, never really had the goods on Clinton, or Donald Trump and his supporters just got wickedly trolled.

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