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Trump-Loving Billionaire Busted For Dumping Sick Puppies On Dog Shelter And Pretend To Be Broke To Avoid Fees

Arizona billionaire and fervent Trump supporter Joe Shoen is under fire after dumping nine sick rottweiler puppies on an animal rescue, the Arizona Republic reports.

According to the report, the Shoen, who heads U-Haul, told a pet rescue in April that his wife, Sylvia Shoen, had cancer, meaning she could not care for the dogs, and then sent a personal assistant to drop the dogs off at a pet-adoption charity, Rotten Rottie Rescue.

The woman who ran the rescue, Shelly Froehlich, even waived the fee because Sylvia Shoen had made it sound like she was hard-up and could not care for the dogs.

Froehlich had the animals looked at and found that several were sick or injured and required expensive treatment which she paid for. She had not been told, but the Shoen’s had learned the dogs had a parasite called giardia, which made them extremely ill, and she had to treat them.

The dogs were inbred and among the other assorted maladies the dogs suffered from, one had a genetic hip problem and the Shoens had not gotten the puppy the physical therapy a vet had prescribed.

Froehlich learned that the surgery for one dog might cost $20,000 so she sent a text message to Shoen to shame her into paying.

“Nobody is going to adopt King Kong with the heavy medical expenses that he will need just to be able to live out his life pain free and happy,” she wrote in the text message to Shoen. “I was shocked that a woman of your wealth would have staff that would let these dogs get into the shape that they are in. … You certainly can afford (the surgery) though. You are a billionaire! As a breeder, that is your responsibility. You probably have a hand bag that costs more than what their surgery will cost. Please do this for them. I beg you. Don’t force me to put them out of their misery when you can give them a good life.”

Shoen responded with a vicious taunt of the woman.

“Crazy dog adoption lady trying to squeeze the Shoen’s for $$$,” Sylvia Shoen wrote back. “This b*tch will never see a copper penny!”

Froehlich put the post on social media and even included Sylvia Shoen’s personal cellphone—which led her to disconnect it. Then she learned that the dogs were owned by a family of Trump-loving billionaires.

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