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Trump Begs Supreme Court To Stop House Dems From Obtaining His Financial Records



Trump Begs Supreme Court To Stop House Dems From Obtaining His Financial Records

Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to stop his tax returns from hitting the public eye. This week, his lawyers urged the Supreme Court to shield the president’s financial records from the Democratic-led House Oversight and Reform Committee.

In their Wednesday petition to the court, filed ahead of a Thursday deadline, Trump’s personal attorneys argued that if the courts allowed the House to obtain Trump’s financial records it would set a dangerous precedent for the future.

“Under the D.C. Circuit’s decision, Congress can subpoena any private records it wishes from the President on the mere assertion that it is considering legislation that might require presidents to disclose that same information,” they wrote.

Democrats had subpoenaed Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, in April in order to obtain his financial records. According to Democratic lawmakers, they did this to help to determine if updates were needed to current ethics-in-government laws.

Trump challenged the subpoena, arguing the lawmakers lacked a legitimate legislative purpose.

A federal district court judge sided with the Oversight and Reform Committee, as did the D.C. Circuit on appeal, prompting Trump’s latest petition to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s attorneys are now arguing that congressional subpoenas could be used as a political weapon against a sitting president.

“Given the obvious temptation to investigate the personal affairs of political rivals, subpoenas concerning the private lives of presidents will become routine in times of divided government,” they wrote.

You can read the letter below:

Petition for Writ by M Mali on Scribd

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