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Trump Begs The NRA For Money To Help His Defense Against Impeachment: Report


A new report by The New York Times revealed on Friday that Donald Trump has turned to the National Rifle Association to help him pay for his legal fees against his impeachment.

According to The Times, Trump met with executives from the NRA to explore the possibility of receiving funds from the gun-rights organization to help fund his legal expenses as the House inches closer to impeaching him over the Ukraine scandal.

It is yet unclear which one of the two parties pitched the idea.

The Times also reported:

Privately, Mr. Trump has raised questions with his aides about the N.R.A.’s ability to help back his 2020 campaign the way it did in 2016, when it poured over $30 million into his election, more than any other outside group.

Since then, the N.R.A. has been plagued by internal fighting, investigations, financial strains and scandal. But aides have reassured him that the group is in good financial shape, while his own political fortunes have shifted since the mass shootings.

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