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Trump Biographer Just Threw a Wrench Into AG William Barr’s ‘No Collusion’ Narrative


Trump Biographer Just Threw a Wrench Into AG William Barr’s ‘No Collusion’ Narrative

Donald Trump Biographer and award-winning reporter David Cay Johnston called Trump a “useful idiot” while arguing that the US president is still a Russian asset, regardless of whether the special counsel could find a direct conspiracy.

“In the meaning, in the intelligence world, of the word ‘asset,’ Donald Trump is an asset,” Johnston said during an interview with Al Jazeera English. “He is what the old Soviet Union called a ‘useful idiot.’ He has carried the water for the Kremlin repeatedly on things like attacking NATO and other positions.”

“Regardless of what the Attorney General Bill Bar wrote in his summary, it’s clear, ” he added.

Johnston went on to say that the world has a lot of grey area when it comes to things like this, but for some reason, all roads seem to lead back to Russia for Trump.

“But the underlying important point here is we only know what Bill Barr’s spin is,” Johnston continued. “Bill Barr without being dishonest can put a spin on this that helps the person who put him in office after he auditioned for that job.”

“The world is not black and white,” Johnston said in response to criticism from his other panelist. “Donald Trump will do things that are contradictory — all people do. The world isn’t black and white. And keep in mind, Donald Trump is totally incompetent to be president. So, when you look at his actions…”

At the end of the interview, Johnston said that the president has all of the power in the world to make the report public today or tomorrow. He demanded to know why Trump is refusing to do so.

Watch the full interview below:

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