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Trump Biographer Rails The ‘Unsophisticated And Ignorant’ President For Being Too Stupid To Tell The Truth: Watch

Why is it so hard for Donald Trump to say the truth? What’s the reason behind his excessive lying and attacks on his critics? On Saturday, Tim O’Brien, the author of Trump Nation, appeared on MSNBC to answer that question.

O’Brien joined David Gura for “Uppers” to analyze the president’s habits of confrontation.

“I don’t think it’s only that he has a need for it, he enjoys it,” O’Brien argued.

“He operates most of the time on one level, which is opposition, paranoia, dissent, division — he’s profoundly anti-institutional in a profoundly irresponsible way for the president of the United States,” he noted.

“He also does it because he’s unsophisticated and ignorant,” he continued, saying Trump, “usually cannot argue things based on fact.”

“He just not up to it,” he concluded.

Take a look at how O’Brien calls out Trump in the video clip below:

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