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Trump Blasts ‘Corrupt’ Obama Administration As Stock Market Nosedives In A 2,000-Point Plunge


Trump Blasts ‘Corrupt’ Obama Administration As Stock Market Nosedives In A 2,000-Point Plunge

President Donald Trump began his week at his seaside resort in Florida with a barrage of raging tweets about fake news, Barack Obama and the Democratic primary. The tweets came as stocks plummeted and the country grapples with the growing coronavirus outbreak. The Dow is on track for biggest single-day loss in 32 years, according to CNN.

“The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!” the president tweeted.

Trump’s tirade included more than two dozen tweets and retweets attacking his perceived political opponents. However, he was silent on the coronavirus-caused economic turmoil until an early Wall Street nosedive triggered an emergency “circuit breaker” to temporarily halt trading within minutes of the opening bell. Trump blamed the drop on an oil dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

When he did comment on coronavirus, Trump said Vice President Mike Pence is doing a “great job” and that travel restrictions imposed by his administration had “saved many lives.” He also accused the “Fake News Media” of working to “inflame” the crisis “far beyond what the facts would warrant,” even as his HHS Secretary on Fox News this morning said “nobody is trying to minimize” the seriousness of the coronavirus.

The president’s comments came just as the CDC official Nancy Messonnier told reporters on a call Monday that as the threat of the coronavirus evolves, getting the virus has become inevitable for many Americans. Officials are particularly concerned about older, sicker people who are at highest risk of developing serious illness.

“It’s fair to say that as the trajectory of the outbreak continues, many people in the U.S. will at some point in time this year or next be exposed to this virus and there’s a good chance many will become sick,” she said.

So far, CDC has confirmed more than 500 cases in the U.S. and at least 22 people have died.

Check out some of Trump’s tweets:

He’s reportedly still tweeting.

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