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Trump Brags About Beating Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama In 2016 Elections


Trump Brags About Beating Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama In 2016 Elections

In a bizarre, self-aggrandizing speech, President Donald Trump boasted of beating the “Barack Hussein Obama dynasty” in 2016, telling a rally in Mississippi he was “kicking the ass” of his predecessor and his supporters.

At an event held almost precisely a year from 2020’s election day, Trump unleashed a series of coarse and offensive comments that have increasingly become his trademark.

Trump, who has previously questioned Obama’s citizenship, launched new attacks on the 44th president. Using his full name and stressing Mr Obama’s middle name “Hussein”, he claimed he had defeated the “the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the president Barack Hussein Obama dynasty”.

As the crowd booed, he added: “The only time I saw Barack Obama work hard is when he was trying to beat me”.

Trump also dismissed the impeachment investigation being undertaken against him by Democrats as “crap”, and referred to former congressman Beto O’Rourke, who hours earlier had announced he was ending his bid to be the party’s 2020 presidential challenger, as a “poor b***ard”.

The bonkers rally came a day after Democrats voted to formalize the investigation into whether Trump abused his office and compromised national security when he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate one of his political rivals.

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