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BREAKING: Trump Declares War On U.S. Intel, Plans To Bring Billionaire Friend To Inspect Agencies

In a declaration of war on the U.S. intelligence community, Donald Trump is now tapping a billionaire friend to conduct a review of US intelligence agencies, according to US officials with knowledge of the plans.

An administration official confirmed the president is considering Stephen Feinberg, founder of a New York private equity firm and a longtime friend to Trump, to review the agencies, CNN reported.

Feinberg was a top economic adviser to Trump during the 2016 campaign and has been one of the President’s friends for decades.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CNN that the White House doesn’t “have any personnel announcements right now,” but that the Trump administration is taking leaks “very seriously and we will be doing a thorough review.”

The New York Times reported Feinberg has informed his company’s shareholders he is in discussions to join the administration.

Trump and his close aides have been bothered by the fact that a series of stories, including those illuminating the Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia, have stemmed from the intelligence community.

During a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Trump called leaks a “criminal action.”

But in reality, he’s deeply concerned that any new revelation would get him impeached.

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