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Trump Calls Chuck Todd a ‘Son Of a B*tch’ In Bonkers Speech. Tom Brokaw’s Response Is Perfect

Legendary NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw blasted President Donald Trump for referring to NBC’s Chuck Todd as a “sleeping son of a bitch.”

Raging against much of the mainstream press, Trump continued to air his grievances with the media during a campaign rally Saturday evening, honing in on NBC News anchor Chuck Todd.

“It’s 1999, I’m on Meet the Press, a show now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd,” Trump recalled. “He’s a sleeping son of a bitch. I’ll tell you.”

Trump made the remark during a speech on Saturday in Pennsylvania where he stopped to campaign for a special election set this Tuesday.

Tom Brokaw took to Twitter to respond:

“Pres Trump at a Penn rally calls my colleague and friend Chuck Todd a ‘sleeping SON OF A BITCH,'” Brokaw tweeted.

“Really classy. Explain that to your children.”

During the rally, Trump also laid into news networks, harshly criticizing NBC and MSNBC.

Brokaw has in the past been critical of Trump’s treatment of the media. Last year, he fired back at Trump after he questioned at a rally whether members of the press liked the country, calling his comments “disgraceful.”

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