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Trump Campaign Brutally Mocked After Tweeting Video Depicting Trump as ‘Avengers’ Villain Thanos

Twitter users are mocking President Trump’s campaign for tweeting a doctored clip of the president as Thanos, the villain in the Avengers film franchise who destroys almost 100 percent of humanity.

The clip depicts Trump as Thanos saying “I am inevitable” before snapping his fingers, causing Democratic House leadership to disintegrate in the manner of the climax of “Infinity War,” during which the character dispatches several of the heroes, and half the world’s population, in a similar way.

“House Democrats can push their sham impeachment all they want. President Trump’s re-election is,” the account tweeted.

Twitter users responded by pointing out that in context, the line “I am inevitable” directly precedes Thanos’s defeat after an attempt at repeating the finger-snap is unsuccessful in “Endgame.”

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