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‘Trump Can’t Read’: Hilarious Editorial Bashes Trump For His Incompetence


‘Trump Can’t Read’: Hilarious Editorial Bashes Trump For His Incompetence

Donald Trump’s mental state has been questioned a few times and The Root’s Michael Harriot has his own theory as to why Trump messes up a lot during his speeches. “I believe Donald Trump can’t read,” he said on Friday.

Harriot’s statements came after Trump appeared to make up a fake African country while addressing African leaders at the United Nations this week.

“Maybe ‘can’t’ is too harsh of a word,” Harriot wrote. “I think he struggles with multisyllabic words. This isn’t something I recently came up with when he was embarrassing the entire country in front of world leaders like he was taking an oral exam for a book he read on the way to class. I’ve known about his semi-literacy for years, but I think it’s time I outline my well-researched list of reasons why I believe this to be true.”

Harriot gave his reasons as to why:

He first said that Trump was a racist.

“We can debate whether or not Donald Trump is a white supremacist, but we must admit that he’s at least a little bit racist, right?”

Then he went on to share a Chris Hayes video that showed Trump’s uneasy relationship with Teleprompters.

Harriot even went as far as saying Trump’s orangeness plays a part in his incompetence.

“That safety-vest-colored spray-tan shit he sprays himself down with probably has some Thalidomide or lead in it. I bet it does. That’s probably why Bert was a little slow on Sesame Street. It’s the toxins,” he said.

You can read the rest of the reasons HERE.

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