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Trump Cares Only About The Billionaire Class, Sanders Just Exposed Him For It

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called out Donald Trump on Saturday, saying that his economic policies are “precisely what the extreme right wing billionaire Koch brothers have been pushing for decades.”

Sanders spoke at “The People’s Summit” in Chicago on Saturday and didn’t hold back on the president.

The Vermont Senator said:

“Mr. Trump: do not tell us you are a friend of the working class. Your proposals were written by the billionaire class, for the billionaire class. You have cynically and dishonestly turned your back on the pain and despair felt today by the working class people across this country.”

Sanders went on to express his vision of the Democratic party, saying they “cannot continue to be a party of the East Coast and the West Coast.” The working people of “Mississippi and Wyoming… will support a progressive agenda – if we bring that agenda to them.”

Sanders’ remarks are emphasis of what he focused on during his presidential run in 2016. He pushed for uneven taxation of America’s “billionaire class,” raising the minimum wage, and the need for heavy government investment in the job market and health care system.

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