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Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Is Nothing Compared To The Plague Of Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Is Nothing Compared To The Plague Of Donald Trump

The events leading to the final week of the 2016 presidential election would be comical if the stakes weren’t so enormously high.

With just days before the election, the presidential race was destabilized when FBI director James Comey foolishly decided to alert congressional Republicans of his intent to review a previously closed investigation of the Democratic nominee, because of new evidence found on the hard drive of Clinton’s top aide’s estranged husband, which may be pertinent to Clinton’s private server case.

To make matters worse, Comey admitted that “he doesn’t know if the newly found emails are significant at all.” Then it was later reported that the emails were not from Clinton herself.

Clinton’s shortcomings and faults are real. But they come nowhere close to surpassing those of her opponent, a man who lacks all sense of human decency.

So, despite all the fog of confusion set in motion by FBI director James Comey, we must not ignore Donald Trump. He is a menace to American democracy, a know-nothing demagogue, a con man who hasn’t released his tax returns, who brags about assaulting women, who has invited Vladimir Putin to meddle in the presidential election while also suggesting on the basis of no evidence at all that the election will be “rigged” against him, and who regularly uses social media to promote white supremacists and neo-Nazis –who increasingly feel emboldened to spew their civic poison in public.

We have put together a list comparing Donald Trump’s scandals with Hillary Clinton’s scandals. Take a look and pass it on.




2009- 2013 – Secret Server. Clinton created her own email server to conduct government business, which she claimed was for convenience. She later admitted it was a mistake. In July, the FBI cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing.

2012- Benghazi. Hillary blamed an obscure Internet video for sparking a protest that got out of control. But when new information came in, she then declared that al Qaeda was the culprit for the attack.




1968 – Vietnam. Trump dodges the draft after claiming he had “heel spurs.” It was later reported that he lied.

1973 – Fair Housing Act. The Department of Justice accused Trump of charging higher rents to minorities and using false “no vacancy” statements. He eventually settled but was subsequently accused of violating the terms of the settlement.

1981 – Trump bought a building adjacent to Central Park with rent-controlled tenants. Hoping to tear down the building to build luxury condos, he began a multi-year campaign to harass the tenants until they left —including shutting off the heat in the winter, refusing to fix repairs. His efforts failed and the building still stands.

1982 – Illegal Immigrant Labor. Despite running in 2016 as cracking down on illegal immigration, Trump used illegal immigrant labor to build the Trump Tower, paying most less than $5. The workers were not outfitted with hard hats and were forced to sleep on the job site.

1983 – Trump Tower used concrete supplied by the mob-run S&A Concrete — owners: “Fat” Tony Salerno, “Big Paul” Castellano. Trump used this same company with other NYC projects.

1995- 2000 – Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, the company Trump ran as CEO lost money every year of operation, lost its shareholders and lenders 89 percent of their money before going bankrupt; meanwhile, Trump paid himself $32 million.

2005- 2013 – Trump University. The unaccredited “university” operated a classic bait-and-switch scheme, urging enrolles to spend increasingly large amounts of money for returns that never came — including a meeting with Trump himself, which also never happened. A $40 million suit filed by New York’s attorney general is ongoing.

2015 – Land Donations. Trump’s one-page financial statement released during the launch of his campaign claimed he’s given away $102 million worth of land, but he’s never supplied any information as to what this land is.

2015 – Income. In his July 2015 financial statement released to the media, Trump claimed an income of $362 million; it was later determined that figure was actually gross revenue and his actual income is likely one-third of that.

2016 – Trump Foundation. Despite advertising himself as an “ardent philanthropist,” the only contributors to his foundation since 2006 come from companies he’s doing business with, probably evading taxes.

2016 – Visas for Chinese Nationals. Despite his claims to get tough with China, the Trump Bay Street real estate project is courting investments from Chinese investors through a controversial program called EB-5, which lets foreign investors receive visas.

2016 – Trump’s First Endorsement. Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) is the first congressman to endorse Trump, and a new report suggests he only did so because a Trump ally, Carl Paladino, extorted him, threatening to deploy his vast political resources against him.

2016 – Quid Pro Quo? The first person to donate to the Trump campaign, Pamela Newman, is the CEO of the Newman Team at Aon Corp.; she also donated to a pro-Trump super PAC and hosted a fundraiser for Trump. The Trump campaign, in turn, paid Aon $300K for insurance.

2016 – Assaulting Reporter. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, violently grabbed a female reporter attempting to ask Trump a question after a speech. He, and Trump claimed the reporter made up the assault. Police ultimately arrested Lewandowski and provided clear video of the assault.

And that’s just the most minimal accounting of Trump’s offenses against the norms of democratic politics. An exhaustive list —rapists and criminals…”take the oil” … mocking a disabled reporter… “pigs, slobs, and dogs”… Muslim ban… withdrawal from NATO… Judge Gonzalo Curiel… first use of nukes… Khizr and Ghazala Kahn… bragging about groping women— would require several pages to properly catalog.

Just yesterday, several news outlets reported the discovery of a secret email server in the Trump Tower that connects exclusively to a Russian bank.

As The New York Times wrote: Donald Trump’s temperament and murky business deals make him entirely unfit to serve as president of the United States.

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