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Trump Comes Up With Stupid Name For Tax Bill, Throws A Fit Because Republicans Won’t Let Him Keep It

House Speaker Paul Ryan gave Donald Trump the chance to come up with the name for the Republican tax reform bill, it was an instant regret when Trump came up with the name “Tax Cut Cut Cut Act.”

Republicans are now second-guessing their decision to let Trump name the bill.

ABC News reported:

“Ryan initially kicked the naming over to Trump because of his penchant towards branding, according to a senior Hill aide. Ryan and Brady have pushed back on the naming of the bill. However, Trump has held firm. Trump has been insistent that the bill be called The Cut Cut Cut Act.”

It’s as if Republicans handed a five-year-old the task of coming up with the name and instantly regretted it.

Now, Republicans are debating whether to keep the name or not. There are so many internal disputes among Republicans and the White House that the legislation may not be unveiled until next week.

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