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Trump Wants Kelly To Share More Articles From Right-Wing Sites: Report


Trump Wants Kelly To Share More Articles From Right-Wing Sites: Report

President Donald has reportedly been growing frustrated with White House chief of staff John Kelly over his decision to severely cut down on the number of news articles President Trump receives from conservative-leaning and right-wing news organizations, according to a new report.

Kelly has restricted what information ends up in Trump’s daily digest of articles,The New York Times reported Friday.  Because Trump does not have an Internet browser on his phone and doesn’t use a computer, he relies on hard copies of news articles.

But after a few weeks of Kelly in the chief of staff role, Trump reportedly complained to a friend about the lack of articles from right-wing websites like Breitbart and The Daily Caller, according to The Times.

Kelly, however, hasn’t been able to stop Trump from continuously watching Fox News. White House aides told The Times that Fox News is Trump’s main source of information.

“He’s having a very hard time,” a friend of Trump’s told The Washington Post. “He doesn’t like the way the media’s handling him. He doesn’t like how Kelly’s handling him. He’s turning on people that are very close to him.”

The chief of staff keeps his own counsel and travels light. He brought over only a small handful of staff members from the Department of Homeland Security, and confides to an even smaller circle, which includes Leon E. Panetta, for whom he served as a top aide when Mr. Panetta was defense secretary in the Obama administration.

But how long Mr. Kelly and the president, two men with such divergent approaches to the common goal of Mr. Trump’s success, will be able to coexist is unclear.

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