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Trump Completely Ignores Question About His ‘Concentration Camps’ And Goes On Wild Rant Attacking Obama: Watch

Donald Trump had an interview with The Hill that was published on Tuesday. One of the main takeaways from the interview was his incoherent rant about fireworks at Mount Rushmore. But that wasn’t the only head-scratching response Trump gave.

During the interview, Trump was asked if he had a response for t Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) who called his migrant detention centers “concentration camps.”

Trump completely ignored the question and started ranting that immigrants want to come to the country more now than when former President Barack Obama was in office.

“Obama built many of these, cells as he calls them, as they call them,” Trump said. “Remember the big, the big deal where they showed the cells all over and they said, Donald Trump, and they showed young children in the cells and Donald Trump built these cells? It turned out they were built in 2014 when Obama was president. No the conditions are much better than they were under President Obama.”

The president then bragged about the fact that Hispanic employment was low before pivoting back to attacking Obama by claiming that no immigrants wanted to come to the country when he was president.

“Because our economy is so good, you know we have the lowest unemployment rate that we’ve had in fifty-one years,” he said. “We have the lowest unemployment rate for Black, for Hispanic, for Asian, for women, but we have the lowest rate that we’ve had in, in you know many generations and what’s happening, and it wasn’t that way when I came in by the way, in fact the country was ready to tube, we were gonna have a big problem. And what did it were the regulations and other things. Also I think maybe the cheerleading did it, you know President Obama wasn’t a cheerleader, he was saying you can’t get manufacturing jobs, you need a magic wand. He wasn’t a positive cheerleader.”

The interview can be seen HERE.

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