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Trump Continues To Promote Rape In America As He Mocks #MeToo Movement During Rally: Watch

Donald Trump decided to mock the #MeToo movement again on Wednesday during another campaign-style rally, this time in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Trump mocked the movement by saying that he needed to censor himself because of the “rules of Me Too.”

“I used an expression — you know, there’s an expression but under the rules of ‘Me Too, I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore,” he said. “I can’t do it.”

Trump then said the phrase anyway, “the girl that got away.”

“It’s the ‘person’ that got away,” he continued, apparently implying he was being censored.

The crowd of Trump supporters then booed as one man told Trump to “do it anyway.”

“I would do it except for these people up there,” he said, pointing at the press pen.

“They would say, ‘Did you hear what President Trump said?'” he said, mocking reporters. “So there is an expression but we’ll change the expression — Pennsylvania was always the ‘person that got away.'”

Take a look at the clip below:

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