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Trump Defender Claims DOJ Works For Trump And Instantly Gets Shut Down: Watch


Trump Defender Claims DOJ Works For Trump And Instantly Gets Shut Down: Watch

Sam Nunberg, a prominent defender of Donald Trump, appeared on MSNBC on Thursday to speak about the Roger Stone case and the role the president has played in it.

Nunberg tried to argue that the DOJ works for Trump but was quickly shut down by MSNBC host Katy Tur.

Nunberg is demanding that the judge deciding the sentencing for Roger Stone be removed because she is an appointee of President Barack Obama.

“You’re asking somebody, a judge, to recuse themselves for the appearance of something when this administration is nothing but the appearance of everything?” Tur asked.

“But they’re supposedly independent as well. They are the Article III branch, they’re supposedly –” Nunberg said before Tur cut him off.

“But is it right to say that the president feels that his Justice Department is something that he should be in control — that it’s his Justice Department, his government, he should be the one that makes the rules out Congress. He should be the one that decides what happens. Who gets investigated. He gets to decide how they get investigated, who gets sentenced, how they get sentenced, in his justice department? Does he feel like the federal government, the government as a whole, is a lever for him to pull and push as he pleases?”

“I think in investigations that are tied to him — criminal cases, investigations that closely tied to him, yes. I think he does,” Nunberg said. “They also work for him under the executive branch as well. They have been given independence before but I think things have changed, certainly after the Mueller investigation.”

“The federal government works for the American people. Good to have you on,” Tur closed.

Take a look at the argument in the video clip below:

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