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Trump Defender Gets Torched On Live TV After Claiming Trump Doesn’t Evoke Violence – Watch:

Ben Furgeson, A right-wing talk radio host, appeared on CNN and tried to defend Donald Trump after he said that if Republicans don’t win the midterms there will be “violence.” It didn’t go so well for him.

“When I originally saw that, what I thought was, there’s going to be a violent takeover with legislation in Washington against the things that we fought so hard for,” Ferguson said. “I don’t think it is meant in a literal way of actual violence that is going to be out there.”

But CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Angela Rye weren’t having it and they called Furgeson out for it.

“It is not not part of the pattern,” Baldwin replied. “‘Both sides’ in the wake of Charlottesville. Spring of ’16 when he wanted to become the nominee, and if he wasn’t going to be the nominee, he said there would be riots in the streets. It’s not just a one-off.”

“He also said if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, like he’s trafficked in violence,” added Rye.

“He loves to attack black people on Twitter, especially black men. He hit Don, LeBron, and now Andrew [Gillum], who he’s frightened by,” said Rye laughing. “And he traffics in the crime-ridden streets of Tallahassee. What? Has he been to Tallahassee? Maybe if he left the golf course in Florida.”

Take a look at how Baldwin and Rye bring Furgeson down in the video clip below:

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