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Trump Demands Border Patrol Agents To Thank Him Over Border Wall: ‘I Made Your Jobs A Lot Easier!’

Speaking in front of the National Border Patrol Council on Friday, Donald Trump explained how he plans to secure money to build his border wall that was promised almost four years ago.

Trump told Border Patrol agents that he plans on bypassing Congress and calling a “national emergency” that will allow him to build his border wall with military funds.

“But when you want to get money for a wall, that most of the people in the Democrat Party wanted five years ago, they just didn’t like it when I announced that we’re going to build it, they were unable to get it build, they had the money but they were unable to get it built, because it takes talent to build things!” Trump said, without ever once citing evidence to support his false claim that Democrats at one point tried to build a wall like the one he’s proposed constructing.

Trump even urged agents to thank him, despite not actually having had built the wall he long ago promised.

“We got it built!” he falsely claimed. “And I made your jobs a lot easier! Say, ‘Thank you, Mr. President!’”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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