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Trump Demands Evangelical Leaders Help Him Get Re-elected: ‘You Have To’

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump took a break from the global pandemic to a private conference call with 10,000 evangelical leaders and demand they “help him get reelected,” NBC News reports.

Trump told the religious right, his most-devoted base, that “we have a very, very powerful year coming up because you know what lies ahead. And we have to do it. People of faith have to do it. We have to have victory,” he added.

Trump also told the participants, “We’re going to get our country back,” appearing to forget the fact that he is the president and Republicans control the senate.

Rev. Johnnie Moore, a member of Trump’s religious right inner circle, says both the President and Vice President were on the call, which reportedly was made from the Oval Office.

“Really grateful that amidst everything going on, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @ @VP @Mike_Pence spent a half hour on the phone today with 10,000 clergy. It was an amazing call,” Moore tweeted.

Franklin Graham was also on the call, saying, “If you were not the president, I just shudder to think where we would be,” according to NBC News.

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