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Trump Did Break A Record On His 100th Day, But Nothing To Be Proud Of


Trump Did Break A Record On His 100th Day, But Nothing To Be Proud Of

Donald Trump has established himself as one of the most disliked presidents in recent history. And comparing his popularity to other presidents at this point he has the lowest mark since 1953.

Trump reached his first 100 days in office with an approval rating of 43%, the lowest it’s in 64 years.

It’s not typical for a president to have such low ratings at this point of their presidency. Normally, during a president’s first 100 days, they enjoy higher approval ratings following successful presidential campaigns.

But Trump’s case has been quite different. Especially after losing the 2016 popular vote by a margin of nearly 3 million votes. Trump even entered his presidency with the lowest approval rating in polling history at 45%.

Things have not gotten any better for the controversial president. According to a recent poll done by Gallup, which began recording 100-day approval ratings in 1953, Trump has the lowest ever recorded.

Trump has yet to pass the 50% approval rating mark. Below are the comparisons between Trump and the last three presidents before him:


Image Credit: Business Insider

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