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The Biggest Fake News Story Of The Year Is Trump Winning The Election


The Biggest Fake News Story Of The Year Is Trump Winning The Election

US President Barack Obama made good on a promise to punish Vladimir Putin’s government after U.S. intelligence agencies released a join report confirming Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections to help elect Donald Trump. But despite being helped by a foreign government, and the fact that Republicans suppressed the Democratic vote in several key states, Trump still lost the vote by almost 3 million ballots.

Getting elected by “foreign intervention” is not a legitimate way to become president. Top congressional Republicans and Democrats have called Russian’s interference ‘act of war’ and are demanding stronger sanctions on the Russian Federation for their role in getting Donald Trump elected by influencing American public opinion.

You would think that with all these facts, the election should have been void. But the Republican hypocrisy got in the way and their fake patriotism was exposed when Sen. Mitch McConell blocked a congressional investigation on the Russian attack on American Democracy.

Republicans spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars on the bogus Benghazi investigation with the sole purpose of damaging Clinton’s reputation. But when their own candidate invites a U.S adversary to hack into his political opponent’s email to help him win the elections, they remained silent, and even seemed to encourage the attack in an extraordinary act of treason.

Republican’s hypocrisy on this matter is surprisingly well documented. Sadly, the brazen dishonesty and hypocrisy of the alleged Trump victory during the 2016 election” is made even more grotesque by the sophomoric media bait and switch:

While the Russian hacking and compromise of 2016 election tabulations screams FRAUD, the mainstream media keep calling him “president-elect”, and have fallen into the trap of covering his insane tweets while ignoring the fact that Trump did not legally win the election.

Simply put, Trump is not a legitimate president. NOT MY PRESIDENT.

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