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Trump Didn’t Want You To See These Photos. CNN Leaked Them Anyway


Trump Didn’t Want You To See These Photos. CNN Leaked Them Anyway

The White House on Saturday tried to suppress reports of Trump golfing. But despite their efforts to keep the American people in the dark about the president’s habit of spending taxpayer’s money golfing at his properties (for a profit), CNN producer Kevin Liptak was able to stealthily take photos of Trump doing just that today.

Yep. Trump spent another day playing golf Saturday at his West Palm Beach club.

Trump was met with protestors upon his arrival.

The White House has been going to draconian lengths to make sure that unflattering information does not get out. But the press will not be silenced.

In one leak, Jennifer Jacobs, a White House reporter for Bloomberg News, tweeted out a photo of garbage bags blacking out the windows at Jupiter golf club “to give Trump privacy as he golfs.”

In another instance, the White House blatantly lied to the press pool, claiming that he was in meetings. Their deception was quickly revealed when this tweet from Alex Marshall surfaced:

While Trump has proven that he can’t govern, at least his golf game is getting some attention. After spending more American taxpayer money in two weeks than Obama spent in two years, let’s hope that he doesn’t bankrupt the government working on his swing.

The blatant way that his administration covers for him and expects that everything will turn out alright – basically treating the American people like imbeciles – is very disturbing.

H/T: O.D.

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