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New Poll: Rural Voters Are ‘Mad As Hell’ At Trump


New Poll: Rural Voters Are ‘Mad As Hell’ At Trump

A newly released poll found that President Trump’s popularity is in freefall among rural voters, who are frustrated over his ‘broken promises.”

Respondents to a new Reuters-Ipsos poll said they were “mad as hell” that Trump had not yet gotten his border wall, and others said they were uncomfortable with the administration’s misuse of taxpayer funds so wealthy Trump officials travel in private jets.

Trump’s approval rating among people in non-metro areas of the U.S. dropped to 47 percent last month, compared to 55 percent during the first week of his presidency.

His favorability dropped among white people, men and those who didn’t attend college, the poll found.

The survey shows that satisfaction with Trump’s handling of immigration also dropped by double-digits, falling from 56 percent during his first month in office to 47 percent last month.

During the election, Trump won a higher percentage of the vote in rural communities than any other president in the modern era, bringing in 62 percent of the vote. Former President George W. Bush had earned 60 percent of the rural vote back in 2000.

The poll of 15,000 respondents has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

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