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Trump Has Been The Downfall Of The GOP And Republicans Know It, 2018 Midterms Leaning Towards Democrats

The Republicans have control of all three branches of government, for now. Recent losses in Virginia and Alabama have cause Republican lawmakers to grow worried about the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. A big part of this Republican downfall has been due to candidates having to defend Donald Trump, who has lacked popularity in polls in the last year.

The New York Times reported that since Trump took over office, Democratic voters have been more energized and are looking forward to the midterms.

One Republican strategist told the Times, “It’s going to be a war zone.”

“National strategists in both parties see the landscape of legislative races expanding, especially in areas around major cities where President Trump has stirred an insurrection among liberals, and college-educated voters and white women have recoiled from Republicans,” the Times reports.

Matt Walter, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, admitted that Republicans are having to play defense as the Democratic turnout in the recent special elections has set off “alarm bells” within the party.

“What we have seen in the special elections is a significant spike in the interest, engagement, spending and energy by the liberal Democrats and progressive movement,” Walter explained. “The spending is real. The organizational prowess is real. And the energy is real.”

Helen Tai, the Democrat who is running in a May special election for the Pennsylvania State House, told the Times that she is eager for election day.

“I wish it was a presidential year,” she explained. “People want to vote. They can’t wait to vote.”

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